The Ministry of Tim & Amanda Cowles
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Skadoodles! Missions
Skadoodles! Live
Skadoodles! Live is a 45-50 minute program designed to encourage children and their families to reach up to God and reach out to the world around them. Children are presented with the clear message of God's love and mercy and equipped to apply that message to their everyday lives.
All over the world there are "kids like me." Understanding God's love means understanding His world-wide Kingship and understanding our place within the Body of Christ. Skadoodles! Missions connects kids with kids and with ministries around the world. Our desire is to help children see their faith in action, to make missions tangible, and to partner with churches for the purpose of educating kids about the world wide effects of God's love.
For nearly ten years Tim & Amanda have presented character building programs to schools across the United States. Now they are excited to offer their programs through Skadoodles! Schools. Each program is 45 minutes in length and covers topics such as good character, team work, anti- bullying, and drug awareness.
Skadoodles! Schools